09 December, 2006

Let's just pretend I didn't disappear for a week, kay?

I'm writing this on Sam's computer in her dorm room in Nottingham. England is, if you'll excuse my saying so, So. Cute.

I really liked Geneva, too. I spent a couple hours wandering around looking at things and just grinning the whole time. And Swiss chocolate is better than French chocolate. Oh my goodness.

The people smile at you in Switzerland. I ate lunch in a tavern (a non-alcoholic tavern- there was a sign on the wall talking about how So-and-so had labored here for the alcohol-free cause from 1915-1970), and the woman about my mother's age sitting next to me looked over and smiled at me. I was like, What? Excuse me? Is there something I'm missing here? and then realized that yes, actually, there was something I was missing, I wasn't in France anymore. So I smiled back, and boy did it feel nice. That restaurant was also the first time since I've been in Europe that other people left the restaurant before me. The Swiss eat much more like the Americans and are fatter than the French, and I find it very relaxing.


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