29 November, 2006

Yeah, I never remember that reference

Thick Italian Accent: Italian italian italian Roma Inn
Me: English? Francais?
TIA: Yees, Eenglish
Me: I have a booking for tomorrow night and the next two nights that I'd like to cancel.
TIA: What-a eez your name?
Me: Floyd
TIA: ItalianitalianitalianITALIANitalian Italian!
Me: Excuse me?
TIA: Sorree. What-eez your name?
Me: Floyd. F as in father, L O Y D
TIA: Oh, Floyd. Like Peenk Floyd.
Me: Yes
TIA: Yees, three nights.
Me: Can I cancel it?
TIA: Yees, no problem. Cancel.
Me: Thank you.


Blogger BroLo said...

Oh, yes. Peenk Floeed is very popular here. But why did you cancel?

10:12 AM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

I canceled because the friend I was going with couldn't come after all, and because going would have meant missing the last class before a final. Neither of which was really a good thing. Oh well. Next time.

11:14 AM  

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