28 November, 2006

Retrospective, prospective

Didn't get much done today. Had lots of classes. Although, looking back on it now, perhaps I did get some stuff done. I went grocery shopping, and I photocopied the notes of one of the girls in my Bio class (apparently I chose well, as two of her French friends were also copying her notes), and I studied a little for one of my classes (the final for which is NEXT WEEK aaugh), and I watched (part 3 of 4 of) a French murder miniseries with Elsa. The last part is next Tuesday, and I'm going to watch it, if I remember. It was pretty good.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to do laundry (DEFINITELY number one on my to-do list), mail my box of stuff home, go shopping (one of the lingerie stores here's having a 20% off sale on black. Everyone needs a little black lingerie, right? And speaking of lingerie, in October we were discussing something in French class, and the teacher asked us what the most popular Valentine's gift was. We, Americans that we are, said Chocolate? Flowers? Stuffed animals? She looked at us like we were crazy), study (study study study study), and go to the Mac store to see if they can make Safari work.

Also, I have hives. But only on the right side of my body.


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