25 November, 2006

Here a pomme, there a pomme

I very nearly forgot to post today! I keep getting up and thinking, Hey, I should post now, so I won't be sitting at my computer at 11.30 trying to come up with something before midnight! And then I keep not doing it.

Today was nice. Went to the Salon du Chocolat with Karen and Jessica. It was basically a smaller version of the one I went to in Paris with Karen and Laura. Worth the euro and a half I spent to get in, I'd say. I bought some chocolate pine cone ornaments to bring home for Christmas, which solved a minor mystery for me. I've been wondering what "pomme de pin" means, and apparently it's pine cone. "Pomme" seems to be the generic French word for something-medium-sized-and-round. Pomme (apple), pomme de terre (potato), pomme de pin, pomme d'arrosage (sprinkler head), pomme de douche (shower head)...

I haven't got any real plans for tomorrow. Perhaps I'll actually end up getting some work done.


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