23 November, 2006

Middle of the night phone calls mean either emergencies or idiots

I was woken up this morning by my phone ringing. My first thought was, Susanna's found an apartment and has signed the lease and is calling to tell me about it! My second thought was, Susanna's found another perfect apartment and somebody took it right before she could and Jay's calling me because she's threatening suicide and he doesn't know what to do.

Then I grabbed the phone and looked at the caller ID. It was Etienne, a French poly sci major who wants to study abroad at UC next year. Oh god! I thought, I've slept through my alarm and it's 11 and I missed bio! I scrambled around madly looking for a clock, because my cell phone doesn't show the time when it rings, and discovered that it was 7.50.

7 freaking 50. Who calls at 7 freaking 50 am? What self-respecting college student is even awake then? I'm usually up before everyone else, and my alarm was set for 8.

He wanted to know which UC he thought I should apply to- Davis, Irvine, or SB. I told him SB. He asked me why. I said, look, I only just woke up. He said, oh, should we talk later? I said, yes, that would be lovely, how about NOON.

He said okay. I am now waiting for him to call back, because while he may think I said I would call him back phone calls are expensive here, and I am sure as hell not paying 30 cents a minute for however long it takes me to explain to him that I didn't even apply to Irvine or Davis because I cannot live in either LA or the middle of nowhere.


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