30 November, 2006

Last NaBloPoMo post!

Oooooooo I just went to the gym. Mmmmmmmmm and then I took a shower. So happy.

Now, I know that any story that needs an introduction is probably not worth telling, but it's only a very short introduction and the story was very funny. So. Annie (name changed to protect the hilarious) is one of my friends. She has a crush on Richard.

We were walking down the hallway and Annie stopped to say hi to someone. They said hello, how are you, see you later, and as we walked away Annie made the most horrible face. I asked her what was up.

"Eeeeugh! It's just... That's Alessandra, and she's 26 or something, so she thinks she owns the world. She's always telling everyone else what to do, and... I don't know. She's just... horrible."

I said oh, okay, I'm sorry, you know, there are people like that.

She sort of nodded, waited a minute, and said, "And she's always flirting with Richard!"



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