14 November, 2006

Damn. It's late.

Ok, so I had things to say. I had lots of things to say, actually. I even started a post this morning, and then I had lots more ideas for things to say and I kept writing them all in my head all day and they're all good things to talk about and I really think I should. However, it is 11.40 pm, and I just finished watching L'Auberge Espagnole with Elsa (it was really good; I highly recommend it) and I have class tomorrow and I'm going to post this really quick and then go to bed.

A couple quick things, though:
I got my carte de séjour. I now am legally allowed to be in France for a year, and come and go as I please. This is a good thing.
The trams stopped running today. Luckily I was already on campus, so I wasn't late to any classes, but I had to walk back. It takes a good hour to walk from campus. I need better walking shoes.

This is all.


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