12 November, 2006

I'm sure I'll remember what it was the second I post this

I swear, some time today I did something that made me say, "Hey! This is going to make a great blog entry!" But I have no idea what it was.

This morning I went to the big farmers' market near the train tracks. The wonderful thing about the farmers' markets here is that the produce is twice as good as and half the price of the stuff you can find at supermarkets. So this morning I went over there and bought apples and ginger for applesauce and potatoes and cream for gratin dauphinois (now that we have an oven I'm going to try it) and lettuce for salad, and sausage and fromage blanc with cream and dried mangoes (yummmm) and tangerines and eggs. I am going to eat well tonight.

Farm-fresh cream is one of the best things in the world. I would just sit here and drink it if I could.


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