22 September, 2006

Gratin Dauphinois

So there seems to have been a fair amount of confusion generated by my post about Gratin Dauphinois, which is I suppose to be expected given that pretty much all I said was "Gratin Dauphinois." Gratin Dauphinois is, in fact, (potato) gratin in the style of the Dauphinois region, of which Grenoble is a part. I cannot usually eat gratin-type things, as they are usually thickened with flour. However, the Dauphinois are hardcore, and (here comes the answer to Theresa and Claire's questions) Gratin Dauphinois consists of 1) potatoes 2) butter 3) cream. And that is all. And that is why it is so wonderful.

Unfortunately, beyond knowledge of the ingredients, my recipe for Gratin Dauphinois is: Get off the tram at the Ile Verte stop. Walk over to the little deli there. Ask the nice man for some Gratin Dauphinois. Eat it quickly so no one else asks if they can try it, 'cause I'm rarely in the mood for a battle to the death over who gets to eat the rest of my food. I would love to be able to cook it myself, and I'm planning on asking the aforementioned nice man how he makes his, but I'd be very surprised if something like that didn't use an oven, and I'm looking at being oven-less for the entire year. So I'll get the recipe and someone with an oven can make it and mail it to me. I don't mind waiting. Not for Gratin Dauphinois.


Anonymous boo said...

ahhhhh. cool. if we come visit in the spring (by the way, you, me and dad-i don't care abou the grammar- have spring break all the same, if no one has told you already), we HAVE to go try some. french food, french food, french food... bliss.

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