20 September, 2006

Minor update

It's not that there hasn't been enough going on here to write about, it's that there's been too much. I'll sit down to think about writing and there'll be SO MUCH to talk about that I just give up, because I can't even begin to do it all justice. But writing something incomplete is better than writing nothing at all, so here's a few things:

Still getting along with all the EAP people, from one of whom comes the new words at the top of the page.

Really looking forward to moving in to my new apartment. I spent an hour and a half chatting with my apartment-mate, who is really neat. I was a little worried when I saw her ad for an apartment-mate, because she specifically requested an exchange student. Are there things wrong with the apartment that a French person would notice that a foreigner wouldn't? But talking to her I found out that it's really hard for a medical student to go abroad, but that she'd really like to, so living with exchange students gives her some of the same kind of tastes of other cultures.

I have a cell phone now, whose number I'm not sure I should be posting on the internet. But if you email me, I'll give it to you.

Last night I cooked some really nice green beans. I finally figured out how much shallots and butter and garlic and beans, and how long to cook everything for. It was very nice.

I am now going to continute typing up my notes for the European Union class I'm taking, which is really cool but kind of hard to understand because the professor talks very fast. I don't think I did so terribly, though, and we'll see next week. Anyway it was a lot of fun, even if I didn't end up learning everything I was supposed to.


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bread. cheese. existential angst. collapsing in laughter.

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