26 August, 2006


Well, today I packed up all my stuff and came to the hostel where EAP's hosting us for the next few days. I'm a lot less lonely now that there are, like, people here. (This post comes to you courtesy of the 1 euro/10 minutes computer in the hostel lobby, so it's going to be kept short.)

The hostel I'm in is in a different part of Paris, near the Seine and I don't really know what else. I think it's in the 6th arrondissement, to give you a general idea. It's nicer, I think- bigger, anyway. It's staffed all the time, so that's nicer.

When I got here everyone from the program who'd gotten here already was getting ready to go for a walk, so they got to see me struggle with my two gigantic suitcases AND two large bags besides. I felt a little silly.

The people here offered, when they found out I had diabetes, to purchase for me a little refrigerator that I could have for the year and then sell back, so that was waiting for me at the check-in, which was really remarkably nice of them. I'm not sure, actually, whether I'll sell it back or not. It is the most adorable little refrigerator I've ever seen in my life. It's tiny- enough to fit my insulin and four things of yogurt and a couple sodas, and it is shaped like a panda. I shall try to post a picture when I have more time.

Time's up! G'bye!


Anonymous boo said...

panda! panda refrigerator! ah! no! cute overload! must run and stick head in sink.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for France! 1 euro for 10 minutes? Wow. The place near our ´Colegio Mayor´is 0,60 euros for half an hour, I think. Well, I hope France is a freaking awesome as Spain is! Love, -Claire

9:01 AM  

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