14 September, 2006


The sounds outside my window:

CRASH crashcrash crashcrash!


It's been raining on and off today, which has been wonderful. A couple days ago it just poured for fifteen minutes, so I went out and danced in the rain and took pictures and got laughed at by the French people (in a friendly manner, of course), which was a lot like being in America except that the rain was better and they laughed in French.

Mary and Travis invited me back to Provence this weekend, so I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon. The light in Provence is just amazing. We woke up around seven one day, and the world looked so crisp and warm and inviting that I'm glad to be going back just to have another morning there.


Anonymous boo said...

first: the noises sound a little like home, except the swearing would be in english. second:you get to dance in the rain already? grr. I still have the entire long, cold(for California, not for there, obviously) winter to get through before there's even the possibility, at all, of rain and did I do that italicization right? dunno. oh apparently not as I can't post it. ok, I'll just not italicize possibility. third: you WOKE UP, VOLUNTARILY, at SEVEN? morning person. love you!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

Oh, Eleanor, who am I going to dance in the rain with in the middle of the night now that you're gone?
I'll have to do it by myself...which isn't nearly as much fun (there you go, Boo—open with < i > and close with < / i > , but take out the spaces).
And I miss having another morning person around!
Hope you're enjoying yourself in Provence!

11:38 PM  

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