01 November, 2006

NaBloPoMo and Why I'm Still in the Country (part 1)

Well, November has been christened NaBloPoMo by Mrs. Kennedy over at Fussy, and while I'm too shy to give her my blog to put up on her lovely list I think I'm going to try to post every day anyway. I'm not sure how it'll work out, but it'll be interesting to try. (Note: Actually, I'm pretty sure how it'll work out. But there's always hope, right?)

I haven't mentioned this before because, as some of you may know, I was planning on being in Madrid, where blog posting opportunities are notoriously slim, for the week. However.

Laura and Karen and I had been planning a trip to Madrid for a while. We were planning on leaving last Friday and coming back a week later. We got our tickets online about a month ago, and made a hostel reservation, and found the good restaurants and everything. So on Friday we took the tram to the Grenoble bus station and hopped on the shuttle to the Lyon airport (about an hour away). We'd found our vacation destination by looking up all the other countries you could get to from the Lyon or Grenoble airports and picking the cheapest one, so we were flying out of the Lyon airport with Iberia, a Spanish airline.

Now, we knew that finding the flight would be a little tricky, because we hadn't written down the flight number, and we had no idea where we would have to check in. But we knew what time the flight was scheduled for, and we knew the company, which is usually all you really need to find your airplane. And there are internet kiosks scattered around all airports in Europe, so worst case we could always get the ticket information out of my email.

The bus ride to the airport was great, filled with approximately equal portions of mad giggly gossiping and curling up on the seats and dozing. In fact, I'd say it was the best part of our vacation. Because when we got to the airport and looked at the TV screens showing the flights for the day, there was no Iberia flight to Madrid leaving at 15.35.

This story will be continued later, when I've worked on my bio studying, and my European Union reading, and probably gone to a movie with Elsa and her friends. In fact, I think maybe I can stretch it out over two or three days. Is that cheating?


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