04 May, 2007

Dr Appt

My doctors' appointments lately have been spawning. I came out of the last one with three or four more to make (and, incidentally, an arm that swelled up to one-and-a-half times its normal size and wasn't usable for two weeks. Kids, just say no to pneumonia vaccines).

So last I checked I had three appointments on Monday- one at the podiatrist (I'm excited. I've never been to a podiatrist before!) and two at a lung doctor (exercise-induced asthma! More fun! Actually I'm happy about this one, because yesterday or the day before I realized that I never run anywhere anymore because if I do I CANNOT BREATHE. And now I have medicine. Which is better). When I got the appointment reminder call this morning they only reminded me about two of the putative three appointments. So I said, Wait, weren't there supposed to be three? And the guy said, Yeah, the third one was cancelled. And I said, Huh? Did I cancel it in my sleep or something? And he said, We'll have to reschedule it, there's been an unexpected death. And I said, Huh? And he said, Dr Mdlikhbvoi passed away unexpectedly. And I said, Oh, shoot, I'm so sorry.

I told this story to Susanna. She thought I was joking. Just goes to show.


Blogger Claire said...

Wow, apparently I'm not the only one who's body is falling apart now.

=( Poor baby

4:12 PM  

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