26 February, 2007


I was sitting with my feet tucked behind the legs of my chair just now, and I happened to glance down and catch sight of them.

Oh my GOD was the underside of my heel BLACK. It looked as though I'd spent the whole day running around barefoot on new asphalt. That wouldn't normally be a cause for concern, as running around barefoot on asphalt is something I do with a fair degree of frequency, but today I was busy and it was cold and I'd worn shoes and socks for the whole day. It was so cold, in fact, that I hadn't even taken off my socks when I got home... Wait a minute.

On closer examination, the abnormal coloration of my feet proved to be caused by the dark green socks I was wearing.


Anonymous mom said...

Ahhhh. Wash once in hot water to release excess dye. Lay flat to dry.

10:13 AM  

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